08/28/10 – Pete’s Candy Store

Walri/The Doctors Fox/The Bicycats @ Pete's Candy Store
Saturday, August 28, 2010
10:00pm - 21+
Pete's Candy Store (map)
709 Lorimer St.
Brooklyn, NY
Ladies and Gents,

Walri returns. FREE @ Pete's Candy Store, Saturday Aug 28. This time we bring our BRAND NEW REISSUED album PAPER CRANE and we announce the online release of Paper Crane to ITUNES, RHAPSODY, CD BABY, ETC. And we'll have some more new tricks up our sleeves too, new artsy things for you to look at, hold, take home, and cuddle up with.

Also dig. The Doctors Fox of Boston. They feature lyrics wide in range and scope (from beached whales to Whole Foods) set to rockin', genre-bending grooves, with a thick slice of electrified violin.

Not to mention The Bicycats. Only the cleverest lyrics here. Charming, yet alarmingly disarming. Ukelele and guitar are the only tools The Bicycats need, although their recorded music includes a full rock band. (and then some!)

It's going to be a wild and eclectic night in the picturesque setting of Pete's Candy Store, with their cozy space and smartly lit back porch area.

Dreadfully good vibes,

P.S. The Bicycats and Amos of Walri used to have a band: THE SHOESHINE BOYS.

P.P.S. Dave Ladon of the Doctors Fox used to play bass in Walri...

P.P.P.S. This show will melt your face

♥ Walri


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